Neymar Sr. says Santos 'going against an idol' with FIFA claim

The father of Brazil and Barcelona star Neymar has accused Santos of "going against an idol" in the wake of the club's request for FIFA to suspend his son six months for breach of contract terms regarding his transfer from the Sao Paulo club to Barcelona in 2013.

The club are reportedly seeking the ban as well as €55 million in damages in their allegation Neymar violated Article 17 of the FIFA transfer rules regarding the consequences of terminating a contract without just cause.

Speaking to Fox Sports in Brazil, Neymar Sr. expressed his disappointment with Santos' action aimed at their former star.

"It's difficult for you to comment. Yes, Santos came with an accusation against a business I have, against Neymar and against Barcelona," said Neymar Sr., who guides the Brazil captain's career.

"I am knowing because Neymar received a summons and will be charged for this. Santos is wanting compensation, but they're going against an idol."

A FIFA committee will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to suspend the Barcelona striker.

For their part, Santos addressed the case in a statement, saying the club "asked an arbitrator to determine whether the breach occurred."

The statement read: "Santos FC are only looking to protect their rights and obtain reparation for damages suffered. The evidence of a contractual violation and enforcement of consequences is the responsibility of FIFA's Dispute Resolution Commission, according to its statute.

"Santos FC does not hold any manner of control over what FIFA will decide in the case. According to FIFA bylaws, the arbitration procedure is confidential and Santos FC will not have a say during the arbitration."

Neither side has outlined how Neymar has been adjudged to have violated FIFA regulations in this matter.

The FIFA transfer rules, however, state: "In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, sporting sanctions shall also be imposed on any player found to be in breach of contract during the protected period. This sanction shall be a four-month restriction on playing in official matches. In the case of aggravating circumstances, the restriction shall last six months."