The 40 Yard Skatepark

I just got wind tonight of a new bike friendly park that's opening in Atlanta, Georgia called, The 40 Yard Skatepark. Not a ton of information is available at the moment but as soon as we find out more, we'll be sure to let you know. Here's what we do know at this time. The 40 Yard park is scheduled to open its doors on May 1st of 2010. It will allow BMX, skateboards and mountain bikes. Phase I of the park will open May 1st and be approximately 4,000 square feet, will include a foam pit, a resi pit, 6' quarter pipe to foam, banks and a wallride to foam. Phase II will open in the summer of 2011 and will include another 4,000 square feet of more innovated ramps that cannot be found at any other Skatepark in the southeast. We'll have more information for you soon but in the meantime keep checking out their website at www.the40yard.com.