Huracan's Toranzo did not lose toes in bus crash - president

Huracan president Alejandro Nadur has denied reports that midfielder Patricio Toranzo had his toes amputated after the team bus crashed on Wednesday.

Huracan were in Venezuela for the second leg of their Copa Libertadores qualifier against Caracas FC and were travelling to the airport after the game when the brakes on the bus failed, causing it to flip over.

The club's physiotherapist, Sebastian Tartarones, said the bus had "lost its brakes" and slid down an emergency ramp on the Caracas-La Guaira highway.

"There were six injured with minor injuries who were taken to a nearby hospital," he told AFP. "Everything happened so fast, there was no time for anything."

Early reports had suggested that Toranzo had lost his toes in the accident, but president Nadur confirmed: "There has been no amputations. He has all his toes where his toes are meant to be. They just performed a surgical clean on him."

Diego Mendoza, 23, was also one who was taken to hospital but teammate Ramon Abila tweeted that everyone was OK, saying: "We are all fine. The kids that were hit have been assisted."

Huracan lost the match to Caracas FC 2-1 but progressed to the next round as they had won the first leg 1-0.

The Argentine Football Federation (AFA) announced it has postponed Huracan's next league clash against Tigres on Saturday.