FIFA sanctions clubs for breaching third-party influence rules

FIFA's Disciplinary Committee has imposed sanctions on a number of clubs for breaches relating to third-party influence or ownership of players' economic rights (TPO), it has been announced.

Brazil's Santos Futebol Clube, Spanish side Sevilla FC, Belgium's Club K St Truidense VV, and Netherlands' Club FC Twente, were fined 75,000 CHF, 55,000 CHF, 60,000CHF and 185,000 CHF, respectively.

The clubs were found liable to have entered into contracts enabling third parties to influence the clubs' independence in employment and transfer-related issues, according to FIFA.

Other breaches included failing to declare mandatory information in the International Transfer Matching System; entering into agreements assigning rights to a third party in relation to the future transfer of a player; failing to upload a TPO agreements into the Transfer Matching System library; and breaching confidentiality rules.

Though the ban on third-party influence has been in place since Jan. 1, 2008, amendments to the regulations came into force on May 1, 2015.

The clubs have been notified of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee's decisions.