Hansa Rostock fans throw fish at Carl Zeiss Jena supporters

Hansa Rostock made the 450km trip south to face Carl Zeiss Jena in the German third tier on Sunday afternoon and, as guests, made sure to bring a fitting gift from the Baltic coast down with them.

Indeed, the Hansa fans saw fit to deliver their present during the match, hurling handfuls of fish at their opposing supporters on the terraces at the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld stadium.

The Hansa fans were heard chanted "We brought something for you: Fish, fish, fish!" which is a variation of the classic "we brought something for you: Hate, hate, hate" chant beloved and regularly sung by travelling German fans.

CZ Jena released a statement after the match (which they won 1-0) to assure Hansa that the fish barrage had been taken in good spirits.

"Nobody got hurt, and that surely wasn't the intention after all. Let's not get carried away even though throwing dead animals isn't all that tasty." the club wrote on the Liga3 Online website.

However, it's unlikely that the DFB will be as flippant, with reports that the authorities are considering launching an investigation into the incident.