Blatant cheating in half-time fan race goes viral: 'We hope you enjoyed the 'trip'

Imagine being a Plymouth Argyle fan and making the arduous 800-mile round trip to Sunderland only to watch your side lose 2-0.

Now, imagine you're the same Plymouth fan who made the same trek to watch the same result but also had the misfortune of taking part in the half-time entertainment at the Stadium of Light.

Tasked with racing from the halfway line to the penalty spot and scoring into an empty net, the travelling Argyle supporter in question fell victim to a bit of blatant cynicism from his home counterpart.

We're not entirely sure which aspect we enjoyed more: the callous professional foul, the wild celebration or the fact that the irate Plymouth fan was left remonstrating about the "foul" to non-existent match officials.

It should have been at least a yellow card and a free kick but football, very much like life, is not always fair.