'Stranger Things' actress Millie Bobby Brown approves of Indy Eleven's tifo

Indy Eleven fans unfurled a giant "Stranger Things"-themed banner for their home opener this weekend, and it caught the attention of the actress who inspired it.

Millie Bobby Brown plays a girl named "Eleven" on the show, and fans of the Indiana club have adopted the supernatural character as an unofficial mascot.

And for their first home game since moving to the USL and into Lucas Oil Stadium, Eleven fans brought out a giant tifo in her image.

Another actor, Indianapolis native Drew Powell from "Gotham," alerted Brown on Twitter:

And the actress responded:

Despite the imposing display, the rival FC Cincinnati played the part of the Demogorgon and prevailed 1-0, despite an Eleven club-record crowd of 17,535 fans at the NFL stadium.