Jordan Larsson out of Olympics at father Henrik's request

Jordan Larsson has been held back from participating in Sweden's Olympics campaign by his father Henrik.

The Helsingborg forward had been included on the list of players headed to Rio de Janeiro for next month's summer games, but plans have been changed thanks to his famous father, who also serves as Helsingborg manager.

Henrik, a former Celtic and Barcelona star, cited his club's lack of options up front as the reason he chose to dash his son's Olympic dreams.

"The reason is that we have only two strikers available in the current situation, one of which is on two bookings," Henrik Larsson said.

"We do not know when Linus Hallenius is coming back either. The most important thing is Helsingborg. I understand Jordan's situation and what he misses.

"Unfortunately, it's part of football. It is sad for him because obviously it would have been a good experience. Unfortunately it does not work with the situation we have right now. I have had good dialogue with Hakan Ericson."

Larsson continued: "I have always talked to Jordan in the early stages. He knows that we as a club and I as a father were happy when he was selected.

"We said early on that, as it stands, you go but if anything happens, you stay. It is clear that there is a disappointment to it all. At the same time, he is wise and understands."

Jordan called the change of heart a disappointment, but says he understood the decision taken by his father.

"It is clear that it is disappointing," Jordan Larsson said. "It is a dream that I had wanted to fulfil.

"At the same time, I am HIF and, as it looks now, it would not have been good if I had gone. I have full understanding for the decision."