UEFA charges Romania for racist chants, fan misconduct in match against Serbia

Serbia's goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic walks off the pitch as Romania fans light flares during a UEFA Nations League match on Sunday. Getty Images

UEFA has charged the Romanian football federation with fan misconduct for racist chants and banners at a Nations League game on Sunday against Serbia.

UEFA says the "racist behavior" includes incidents targeting Romanian neighbour Hungary when the national team played to a 0-0 draw against Serbia.

Romania fans also held up a banner linking refugees to terrorism, and a video posted on social media showed fans chanting a slogan supporting Serbia's territorial claim to Kosovo.

UEFA's disciplinary panel will meet on Oct. 25 to judge the charges, which include fans invading the field and lighting fireworks at the national stadium in Bucharest on Oct. 14.

Sanctions could apply when Romania host Lithuania in the UEFA Nations League on Nov. 17.