Las Vegas Lights boss would use Usain Bolt as a winger if club signed him

Las Vegas Lights coach Jose Luis "Chelis" Sanchez Sola said he'd play Usain Bolt as a winger if the USL side was to acquire the services of the world's fastest man.

"Chelis" was adamant that the club's interest in Bolt wasn't a joke, while Lights owner and CEO Brett Lashbrook told ESPN FC's Jeff Carlisle his team were "interested" in the eight-time Olympic gold medal winner.

The Lights boss said: "He's the fastest guy on Earth and he has tried out with some of the best clubs in the world. So coming to play soccer at second division in the United States makes real sense.

"The guy is one great athletic specimen and we think he can absolutely thrive at USL level."

However, "Chelis" admits there are two problems which could prevent the Lights from signing the sprinter from Jamaica. The first is the high salary he would demand -- it is being negotiated, according to "Chelis."

There is also the issue of the USL being close to ending its current season. That means home matches would be scarce, turning the Lights' away opponents into the big winners, as they would benefit from Bolt's presence at the gate more than the Nevada club would.

"That's what the owner wants, to hire Bolt. He is reviewing the salary matter. Thing is we have just seven games remaining at home, so he doesn't want to benefit someone else," the Mexican manager said.

"Yes, yesterday [the owner] asked me if there would be a spot for him on the roster. I said to him, 'go ahead, I know what you're looking for,'" "Chelis" said.

"Surely we would have him on the right wing and running throughout the pitch."

"Chelis" believes that if a deal gets done it would happen in the first week of August.

"We would be leaving for Phoenix and then stopping in Seattle. We would be out of town all throughout that week. I imagine that, if something happens, it would be right before our next home date, which would be on Aug. 4."

The Lights are playing in their first USL season and are in 13th place out of 17 teams in the league's Western Conference.

Rene Tovar is a writer for ESPN Deportes.