Lionel Messi's Argentina-PSG 180 turn: thriving for country, underperforming for club

Pick whatever disappointment you want from Lionel Messi's career with Argentina. After all, there are plenty to choose from.

How 'bout 2010 when, in the midst of his prime, Messi was coached by an explosive, in-over-his-head Diego Maradona and Argentina got smashed in the quarterfinals by a group of upstart Germans? Perhaps 2014 is more your speed, when Argentina didn't concede a shot on target in regulation of the World Cup final, but Gonzalo Higuain missed a breakaway and Mario Gotze scored the goal of the century?

A year later at the Copa America final, Higuain misses another breakaway, the game goes to a shootout, Messi scores the first penalty, everyone else on Argentina misses, and Chile become champions of CONMEBOL. A year after that, at another Copa America -- this time in the hallowed spiritual home of South American soccer... that's right! East Rutherford, New Jersey -- Argentina outshoot Chile 18 to 4 in the final, Higuain misses another breakaway, it goes to penalties, Messi misses the opener, and Chile win once again. Shortly after the game, the defending Ballon d'Or winner announces he's retiring from the Argentine national team at age 29.

If you can, think back to that moment for a second and soak it in: the king of club soccer gives up after a decade worth of frustration with the international game. Back then, it would've been impossible to comprehend where we are today: Messi's club career has become a total afterthought, and he's absolutely loving life with Argentina.