From desperate spending to the real Super League: January transfer window's trends

I can't get this song out of my head.

[to the tune of the Burger King "Whopper" jingle] Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. Boehly, Boehly, Boehly, Boehly. Seven-year contracts. Amortization. Think we're done? We keep on spending -- ev-er-y-day. Until THE end -- of the window. At CHEL-SEA, we get our way.

First: I'm sorry. But if I have to fight this earworm day and night, so do you. Second: if you've even vaguely glanced at transfer news at any point over the past month, you saw that Chelsea were interested in signing someone. And let me tell you: Chelsea probably signed that someone!

Todd Boehly & Co. overwhelmed and overtook the entire window, and while they were the story of the window, there were plenty of other stories, too. With the windows all shut and a four-month sprint left to finish up the season, let's take a look at some of the lessons from the January window.