Ranking the best 'Hell in a Cell' matches in WWE history

Twenty years ago this month, the professional wrestling world was introduced to "Hell in a Cell" in St. Louis, when Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker. The uniqueness of that match, which puts a roof on a steel cage and extends the walls to the mats outside of the ring apron, has gone on to play a part in some of the most pivotal moments in professional wrestling history.

The first "Hell in a Cell" introduced the world to Kane, who remains one of WWE's central figures. The second one, fought between the Undertaker and Mankind the following June in Pittsburgh, has stood the test of time as having delivered one of wrestling's most shocking moments.

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Sunday night at Detroit's Little Caesars Arena, the "Hell in a Cell" tradition continued as Kevin Owens beat Shane McMahon after avoiding a menacing elbow drop from high above the cage, which was similar to McMahon's famous dive at last year's WrestleMania.

-- Brendan C. Hall