Northeastern women's hoops team pushes its bus out of snow

Northeastern women's basketball team pushes bus out of snow (0:27)

The Northeastern women's basketball team pushes their bus out of the snow after it gets stuck on the way to the CAA championship game. (0:27)

The Northeastern women's basketball team wasn't going to let a little snow get in the way of preparations for the Colonial Athletic Association tournament in Philadelphia.

So when the team bus got stuck in the snow on a hill near St. Joseph's University, where the women had been practicing, the Huskies jumped out and pushed.

"He [the bus driver] kept backing up and trying to get some momentum," Northeastern senior Maureen Taggart told the Boston Herald. "Eventually, he just kind of gave up.

"We offered as a joke to push and then it turned into reality. So we put our coats on and went outside."

After about five minutes, the bus started to move.

"It was definitely really heavy," senior Loren Lassiter said. "I was surprised we were able to move it at all."

The Huskies (16-13, 11-7) play Delaware (18-11, 11-7) at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.