Paige violates WWE wellness policy for second time

Paige has been suspended by the WWE for 60 days for her second violation of the talent wellness policy. Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

WWE superstar Paige was suspended for 60 days for her second violation of the talent wellness policy, the company announced on Monday in a brief statement.

Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, was drafted to Raw on July 19 but hasn't appeared on television since before the company's recent brand extension due to a neck injury. But the 24-year-old was unhappy with the suspension and immediately shared her thoughts on social media upon the announcement.

The former NXT and WWE Divas champion also posted a second tweet saying, "Same s--- different day. Kids. Please don't get prescriptions or doctors notes. Not acceptable."

Paige, a native of Norwich, England, comes from a family of pro wrestlers and her father, retired performer and current promoter Ricky Knight, posted a lengthy message to his Facebook account on Monday afternoon to defend his daughter.

Knight claimed that Paige's violation wasn't for a failed drug test but that she took prescribed pain killers for her neck injury that were "against the wellness program." He also felt she has failed to receive "the proper care and advice needed" in the United States.

Paige's first suspension came on Aug. 17 (the same day as her 24th birthday), which was also the same day that her real-life boyfriend, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio, received a 60-day suspension. In an Instagram post on Sept. 14, Paige attempted to clear up the first wellness violation by stating it was "merely due to a procedural issue" and that she never failed a drug test. She also shot down rumors she was planning to leave the company.

Del Rio, who said on Monday he has adopted a new name of Alberto "El Presidente" Rodriguez, mutually agreed upon the terms of his release with WWE on Sept. 9.

Rodriguez told ESPN.com that he believes Paige has been treated unfairly by WWE.

"It's just like she said in her statement this afternoon," Rodriguez said. "It's just the same s---, different day my friend."

Rodriguez also brushed off online chatter that WWE was trying to break the couple apart.

"To be honest, I don't care what they say or what they try to do," Rodriguez said. "We are together and we are happy. I know a lot of people are not happy but regardless of whatever people say, we can be happy. We can be together. And we are going to stay together because we are happy.

"If someone is not comfortable or happy about it, we just don't care. We are going to continue our life. Our families are happy and we're happy. That's all that matters."