Kevin Owens retains WWE Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell

In about as physical a Hell in a Cell match as you can have without blood in the PG era, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put their bodies through a hellacious beating and told a darn good story in the process.

Late interference from his best friend, Chris Jericho, ultimately made the difference in the match, as Owens finally finished Rollins off with a powerbomb through a pair of folding chairs to get the pinfall and defend his WWE Universal championship.

Jericho went on to land a Codebreaker on Rollins after the match, likely planting the seeds for an upcoming feud.

Rollins sold a back injury throughout the match that he suffered on Monday's Raw after being powerbombed onto the ring apron by Owens. The champion continued to target the injury Sunday, when he landed six brutal chair shots to the injured area late in the match (and a DDT onto a chair, for good measure) before finally finishing Rollins off.

Both superstars landed one high-risk move after another in this thriller of match, with the cage wall being used over and over to administer punishment. Even Jericho took some hard bumps during his brief appearance, including getting powerbombed into the cage wall.

Rollins was able to administer some storyline retribution for what happened to him on Raw by suplexing Owens onto the ring apron, which drew the first "This is awesome!" chant from the crowd. He later powerbombed Owens through a pair of tables stacked up against the cage well in the biggest and most brutal spot of the night.

Owens also utilized a fire extinguisher he found underneath the ring by hitting Rollins in the midsection. He sprayed it into the ring, blinding the eyes of the first referee. When a replacement came down to ringside to escort the injured referee out, Jericho ran to ringside and slipped inside the cage before locking himself in for the rest of the match.

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