NXT Recap: McIntyre and Roode face off, but Strong still the wildcard ahead of TakeOver: Brooklyn III

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode are set to face off at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, but Roderick Strong is still looking to get his hands on the champ. Courtesy @WWENXT

Two weeks ago, Drew McIntyre cemented his spot in the main event of TakeOver: Brooklyn III when he defeated SAnitY's Killian Dain in a battle of the undefeated superstars. McIntyre will face NXT Champion Bobby Roode at TakeOver, and since McIntyre's victory, both sides have said their piece, but never face to face. That changed on Wednesday night.

General Manager William Regal introduced both men. Roode made his entrance surrounded by security due to his unfinished business with Roderick Strong who attempted to ambush him last week.

"There's a madman running around the back by the name of Roderick Strong trying to get his hands on the champ," Roode exclaimed.

Last week, McIntyre claimed that Roode had an undeserved sense of entitlement. After welcoming McIntyre back to the WWE, Roode addressed that statement, "You're damn right I'm entitled. You want to know why? Because Bobby Roode doesn't need a second chance."

McIntyre offered his prediction for TakeOver.

"Come Brooklyn, after the glorious entrance, after all the flamboyance, you will be staring across the ring at the new NXT Champion!"

The aforementioned Strong -- the wildcard in this situation - once again made his presence felt this week as he interrupted the segment and pleaded for another shot at Roode. It's becoming increasingly clear that Strong is not going away. Roode's continued commentary on Strong's family has kept the fire that is their rivalry lit, and the flame gets bigger with each passing week.

Regal confirmed that next week Strong will take on McIntyre. Should strong win, he'd have another shot at Roode after TakeOver, but Regal made it clear that regardless of the outcome, McIntyre will get his championship match on August 19. However, Regal did not say anything about Strong being omitted from that championship match. A triple threat TakeOver main event is beginning to look like a real possibility.

As intense as a one-on-one bout between Roode and McIntyre would be, the added layer of Strong, given his history with the champion, increases the intrigue factor dramatically.

SAnitY gains the upper hand on the Authors of Pain

The SAnitY / Authors of Pain Tag Team Championship match at TakeOver, which was made official last week, is being built as a collision between two dominant teams, each with the unpredictable presences that are Nikki Cross and Paul Ellering. The one missing piece throughout the beginning stages of this skirmish has been SAnitY's leader, Eric Young.

Where does he fit into this equation? Would he be by the side of his comrades at TakeOver?

Yes, he will.

Young assisted his stablemates by blindsiding AOP member Rezar and tying him to a railing at ringside. That allowed SAnitY to gang up on Akam as they proved what has become their calling card: that they have the numbers on their side.

The emphasis on SAnitY's ability to outnumber their opponents is important. In order for them to be perceived as a threat to the seemingly unstoppable Authors of Pain, their assets need to be highlighted.

The Street Profits debut

A new NXT tag team debuted on Wednesday night. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford have joined forces to create the Street Profits. Their debut resulted in a win over the Metro Brothers, who look like a reincarnation of former WWE tag team champions Deuce 'N Domino. Should they catch on the way their potential suggests, they'd provide some depth to a tag team division that could use a rivalry outside of the ongoing championship feud.

Almas gets the better of No Way Jose on his way to TakeOver

The conflict between No Way Jose and Andrade "Cien" Almas has been brewing for a bit and culminated this week by way a victory for Almas over No Way Jose.

Afterwards, Almas' associate Zelina Vega took to the microphone to address a comment made by Johnny Gargano in an interview earlier in the night where he announced that he wanted a TakeOver match. Vega said that if he wanted a match, he's got one in Almas.

Danny Burch gets revenge

In a rematch of the ultra stiff encounter that saw Oney Lorcan snag a win over Danny Burch a couple weeks ago, Burch evened the score. One would assume that a rubber match is on the horizon.

Aleister Black. Hideo Itami. TakeOver.

Following Aleister Black's dominant performance last week, first disposing of Hideo Itami and then claiming victory of the debuting Kyle O'Reilly, Itami ambushed Black in the parking lot. This was enough to solidify a matchup between the two at TakeOver.