Natalya steals Naomi's glow and takes championship

Natalya gloats over her new belt following a win against Naomi on Sunday at SummerSlam in Brooklyn. Provided by WWE

BROOKLYN, NY -- The first question in this match was whether it could live up to the spirited entrance of SmackDown women's champ Naomi.

She danced to the ring in an LED-like jacket, getting fans riled up before she even laid a hand on challenger Natalya.

The second question is: Would we have our third title change of the night?

The match began as expected with both Naomi and Natalya finding spurts of success, but it lacked overall energy, understandable considering John Cena had just finished his bout against Baron Corbin.

Love him or hate him, Cena elicits a certain vibe that no one else does. In other words, Naomi and Natalya were kind of in a no-win situation.

Still, back and forth they went. While not spectacular, they kept the crowd moderately entertained, until Natalya went for her first sharpshooter of the night. Somehow, Naomi kicked out of it with authority, thrusting Natalya into the ropes.

Just when it seemed Naomi had the upper hand, bouncing off the rope into a 360 that struck a fallen Natalya, the challenger reversed the momentum and caught Naomi in yet another sharpshooter.

Again, to no avail. But a third sharpshooter was too much for Naomi, who finally tapped, ended her reign as SmackDown's women champ, which she won at WrestleMania.

The crowd was stunned. She was stunned. As Natalya gloated, holding the title in Naomi's face, there was a brief quiet moment, when we wondered whether Carmella, the Money in the Bank winner, would make her way to the ring and capitalize on a worn-down Natalya. Earlier in the night, she and her beau, James Ellsworth, stood on one of the television sets here at the Barclays Arena, insincerely waving their hands to the crowd to reminded us she's here and ready.

But the opportunity was lost as Natalya made her way back to the ring, title in toe. A narrative for another day.

As for Natalya, she has been mired in mid-card status for quite some time. Not since a brief reign as Diva's champ seven years ago has she found this spotlight.

But Natalya has pedigree and she has a solid villain-like vibe. And let's face it: SmackDown needs a new women's star. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have been non-factors, and Naomi just lost her title.

There's little question Natalya and Carmella will begin a feud soon, and while not overly compelling at the moment, they'll have a chance to put the women back in the forefront of the SmackDown conversation.

That in itself is a win.