Coronavirus pandemic doesn't stop John Cena from surprising 7-year-old boy battling cancer

Cena: 'If you had one wish what would you do?' (1:30)

John Cena discusses his passion for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (1:30)

In tandem with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, John Cena has granted more than 600 wishes to those facing life-threatening illnesses and their families -- more than any individual in the charity's history.

Even in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cena continued his prolific outreach with the organization by granting the wish of 7-year-old David Castle. Cena surprised Castle and his family at their home in Odessa, Florida, wearing his iconic wrestling attire -- T-shirt, jean shorts, wristbands and hat -- along with a mask and gloves. Cena also brought a package of WWE gifts, including replica championship belts and a variety of other items.

Castle is battling Wilms tumor, a cancer that affects the kidneys. He embraced Cena with a hug upon his arrival. The visit was coordinated by officials with Pasco County Fire Rescue.

"These kids facing life-threatening illnesses are granted one wish, and imagine if you were that wish? That is by far the most flattering thing that I have ever experienced," Cena said in a 2018 interview with ESPN.

"A lot of times, these are families that need a big boost of happiness," Cena said. "I've seen what it can do. It can provide hope, and hope can provide time -- and that is extremely valuable in those situations."