Summer checklist: 12 things coaches do to win in the offseason

Evaluating prospects is but one summer task for college coaches like North Carolina's Roy Williams. Liam Foley/Icon Sportswire

The months of June, July and August are for many a time to get away, relax and find a few weeks to go on vacation with the family, but for college basketball coaches, these are some of the busiest and most demanding months of the year. Many think when the season is over, the schedule slows down, but in reality there is very little downtime for coaches in today's culture of college basketball.

Many times, the work is just beginning when the season ends. There’s a saying in the industry that recruiting is like shaving -- miss a day and you look like a bum. This has never been more true. The summer is no vacation!

Below is a checklist of 12 critical things coaching staffs do at a time of year when the program is less visible to fans and supporters:

1. Ensure admission, eligibility and housing are taken care of for players

Making sure your signed prospects have registered with the NCAA clearinghouse and filling out their admissions paperwork and housing applications are priorities for the recruiting coach in June. All the paperwork must be filed, and official transcripts must be sent to both the clearinghouse and the admissions office. It is important that the prospect is admitted before the start of summer school so he can participate in summer conditioning and workouts.

2. Organize team camps to evaluate high school prospects