Scouts break down top draft prospects

Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins face off in one of the season's most anticipated matchups. AP Photos

The Champions Classic in Chicago on Tuesday night (Duke versus Kansas; Michigan State versus Kentucky) is loaded with elite talent, especially among freshmen. Last week I ranked the freshmen, many of whom will be playing Tuesday night on ESPN at 7:30 pm., ET.

We now take a look at the top first-year players on the floor tonight, and talk to NBA scouts about the best way to stop them -- or in some cases, just try and slow them down.

How would you stop Jabari Parker?

Scout: “He’s tough because he comes at you and is aggressive. He can make jumpers -- and contested ones. The problem with Parker is trying to play him with a power forward because he’s so skilled and is big and strong. He’s got a nice pull-up jumper and can handle it and get to the basket. I’m not sure there’s a great answer to stop Jabari because he’s so well-rounded in his offensive game. He can just pick you apart in different ways.”