Gilbride's reputation taking hit

Despite being known as the coach that was attacked by Buddy Ryan, Kevin
Gilbride had a reputation as being an innovative offensive coach. He was the
mind behind a Houston Oilers offense that finished in the top three in all
four of his years as offensive coordinator (1990-93), and he
excelled in the passing game. The Oilers finished atop the league in passing
yards in each of those years.

He then took over as the offensive coordinator for the expansion
Jacksonville Jaguars, and after a rough start he had the offense ranked
second in total yards and tops in passing in only their second season. And
his offense was the main reason the Jags reached the AFC Championship game
in just two years.

It's fair to say that he peeked in 1996, because his star has been on the
wane ever since. He got the head coaching job in San Diego but didn't last
two seasons, and wound up as the Pittsburgh Steelers coordinator in 1999.
But he was gone in two seasons after he couldn't get the Steelers offense
moving and spent 2001 as an analyst because no one offered him a job.